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Our office is the only place where all these inventions takes place and we are the discoverers. It’s a place where all the innovators and creators works together with complete focus and concentrations. We always keep searching and discovering something new and better to set your life in a good direction and we also get success in our discoveries because “Hard Work is a key to Success”.

So, to invent something, we need a place which will better suited to our work and space which allow us to do something new and interesting and a place where all the wonderful things started and actually happens and we are having exactly same and we are doing well in this direction with all my office comforts and with my co-workers.

We’re One of the Leading Suppliers of GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices. Features:

  • vehicle status (moving/stationery/parked/inactive)
  • Vehicle tracking (real time,where the vehicle is?
  • Inbuilt Battery with 2 days Backup.
  • Vehicle Tracking.
  • Stoppage time duration
  • Distance reports.
  • Vibrate Sensor.
  • Location reports.
  • One Way Voice Monitoring.
  • or what route was taken etc.
  • SOS Alert with 3 Numbers.
  • Low Battery Report.
  • We can fix the Area Limit.
  • SMS Alert.
  • Mileage Report.
  • Over speed Report.
  • Speed reports.
  • Past dates vehicle reports.
  • Trip reports.

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